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Frans Claerhout

1919 - 2006

A self-taught painter in oil of landscape and figures, also works in pastel, ink, pencil, charcoal. He was also a graphic artist producing monotypes and linocuts. Several murals and sculptures in mission churches throughout SA. Began painting in 1957, mainly scenes around the mission stations in Orange Free State were he was a Catholic priest. An expressionistic painter with works characterized by warm colours, impasto and elongated human forms. Painted a large number of religious scenes and a number of series of pictures including the Suncatcher (1983) and Christ and other Persons (1984).

Preferred Medium: Mixed Medium

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Blommetjies vir my
37 x 33
Gabriel de Jongh, Piet Kannemeyer, Amos Langdown, Johannes Meintjes, Hennie Niemann, Nita Spilhaus, Marjorie Wallace JV Coetzer, Norman Eaglestone, Anne Kerr, Henry Prins, Catholic Icons, Sylvia de Villiers, Pieter van der Westhuizen We use superior quality frames in perfect harmony with any artwork